Asian Ladybugs Got Me

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As I was writing this past weekend’s news round up, I was excited to come across the news story on Asian Ladybugs. The reason being, just last week I walked outside my southern facing home and saw the air infested with flying insects in the bright afternoon sun. Not being able to tell what type of bugs these were, I reached up to catch one. Ladybug, I thought.

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Avoiding Yellow Jackets

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I still remember the first time I was stung by a yellow jacket. It was fall; I was in elementary school playing on the playground. I went over to a bank full of enticing goldenrods, lovely fall wildflowers, and reached to pick one. Unfortunately the one I chose was one where a yellow jacket was enjoying lunch. I invaded its space and in turn, received a sting. I remember the surprise and a little swelling, but I don’t think I even cried. Luckily, I’m not allergic to bees, which was a relief to find out since my mother is. Each time I’ve been stung since, my symptoms are the same, a little localized swelling which itches, and yes, stings. Continue reading…

Summertime Precautions for Allergic to Insects

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For some allergies, the best safety measure is avoidance and in some instances, that’s fairly easy to do. Others, not so much. For instance, how do you say, “Excuse me, Mr. Bee, please don’t sting, I’m allergic.” or “Sorry, Ma’am, I really didn’t mean to step on your fire ant mound, please forgive me.”? So instead, many insect allergy sufferers endure the shots, keep the epipen and Benadryl on hand, and have that underlying outdoor fear, especially in the summer time. Continue reading…

Allergic Reaction to Mosquito Bite

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If you are one of the people who are oblivious to the fact that an allergy to mosquito bites exists, you are not the only one. An allergic reaction to mosquito bite can be common in most people with sensitive skin, but the manifestations of the allergy will easily go unnoticed because the repercussions are not as severe as with a bee sting allergy, or a food allergy.

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Bee Sting Allergy

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Have you ever been stung by a bee? If you did, it must have been a painfully memorable experience. Nevertheless, since you are alive and well enough to read this article, consider yourself lucky. Interestingly, more people die each year from a severe allergic reaction to bee stings, more than snakes bites or dog bites. Continue reading…

Allergies to Pet Dander

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You’re allergic to your pet? Now that’s a tough one. Hearing your doctor telling you to give up your pet must have been heartbreaking. Finding it a new home would be emotionally difficult, but it has to be done, especially if your allergies are found to be detrimental to your health and may require emergency medications. Continue reading…

Allergies to Cats

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If you are a cat owner and are diagnosed with allergies to cats, getting rid of your cat might not be the favorite thing you would like to do. Maybe you can first find out how to manage your symptoms without having to get rid of your pet. There are ways to co-exist with your feline friend in your own home while keeping your allergy symptoms under control.
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