Allergy Diagnosis And Medication

The other day was my younger daughter’s birthday and as mom’s came to get their daughters, I of course, chatted with each one. A the party was later in the evening, the little girls were tired, but one of them especially looked it. When her mom came to get her, she said her daughter is always tired so she took her to the doctor and guess what the diagnosis was – allergies.

The mom was relieved that it was nothing worse, of course, all kinds of thoughts go through your head when your child is consistently tired. She pointed out the tell tale dark under eye circles and said she has a cough that’s been sticking around for months now. Yes, I had heard that cough during the party.

Treatment – daily dose of Claritin. Now I have to say, and I know I’ve said it before – it just bothers me that doctors are so quick to recommend/prescribe daily medicine to children (adults, too, but especially children). I have another friend who gives her daughter some type of OTC allergy medicine every night year round, though I never see any signs of allergy. I guess maybe the allergy medicine does work. It just bothers me that SO many children are relying on daily doses of medicine.

But are the allergies so bad that they need to be medicated on a daily basis? Do we really know the side effects these meds can cause to a growing body? I know they’ve been tested and approved, but does that really mean they’re safe to dose up your child every day, year round, and how long do you do it – forever? What really are the medications doing that we don’t know about?

Unfortunately, parents are quick to abide to the recommendation. It’s easy to give medicine every night, and no one wants to see their child walk around with dark eyes all the time. But I feel like half the kids I know are on some type of OTC allergy med. I think it’s something about our society that wants to medicate for every symptom rather than dig deeper and find the cause.

Again, I know sometimes it’s necessary. Sometimes allergies do effect the standard of life and if some one is miserable year round and unable to have the quality of life he deserves, seek medical help. But also look around and see what else you can do. Maybe there’s an another option – acupuncture, chiropractic work. Constant medication is not always the answer.

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