Allergy Free Valentine’s Day

By Heather Legg

Forget the chocolate and flowers if you have allergies this Valentine’s Day. Who needs sneezing due to pollen or worrying about anaphylactic shock if you are allergic o milk or nuts or other allergens in chocolate. Here are some good ideas for your Valentine without the worry:

• Tickets to a movie or a show. You don’t even have to do dinner out if eating out is too hard due to allergies. Pack some snacks and head to a romantic movie or eat at home and then go to the show.

• A set of books for two. Give your honey and yourself each a copy of the same book, try a romantic, racy one, or just one you both have been waiting to read. Start them together and talk about them as you read, it’s your own private book club.

• Write a story for your honey. This would be great for a child or your significant other. Write about a special time the two of you shared (maybe when you first met or the day you got engaged, with your child first day of school or day he was born is good). Add photos and you can even have it bound if you want.

• Cook an allergy free meal together. Take the time to be together and cook some delicious food to share. It’s more private than going out, less expensive and you don’t need to worry what is cross contaminated with your food.

• Go for a favorite place tour. Go with your sweetie to the place you first met, where you had your first date, where you got married. Maybe you don’t live in the same town anymore, but you could recreate some of the same things, find a similar coffee shop or movie theater like the one you went on on your first date.

• Do something healthy and outdoorsy. Exercise together; it’s good for the heart! Go for a walk or play some tennis (love/love!). If it’s too cold, bundle up and go anyway; once you get going, you’ll warm up.

There are lots of creative and romantic things to do and you don’t need the typical commercialized allergy invoking gifts. the most important thing to do is be togheter! And don’t forget to say I love you!

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