Cause of Eye Swelling Determined

For years, my husband has had an undetermined eye allergy. His eyes will swell, usually in the night, and we’ve never put it together with what the cause is. We’ve thought it may be certain kinds of beer, the weather or pollen, even small insects that have stung or bitten him. There’s never been a consistent factor, though. Finally, after it happened to him on a business trip, he went to our NAET practitioner, and she immediately saw it as a shellfish allergy.

Thinking about this one, it makes sense, especially when we remembered that allergens can stay in the body with no symptoms, only to manifest a reaction days later. That’s why it was so hard to pinpoint. She also said it may have very well started about ten years ago when he had anesthesia for back surgery. His eyes swelled in the hospital and our practitioner said there is a property in anesthesia that is quite similar to something in shellfish.

The odd thing about this allergy is his eyes don’t only swell on the outside, but on the insides as well. The actual whites of his eyes swell. Of course, he had been to the doctor and eye doctor for this and was given drops, some to use on a daily basis and some to use on a as needed basis. However, these helped the symptoms ( a little) but not the cause. As I am writing this, I remember that a close friend of mine said her sister’s whites of her eyes swell; this is the only other case I’ve known of to do this. And guess what she is allergic to – shellfish.

So today he goes for his second treatment of NAET/acupuncture and hopefully it will get taken care of. It has been such a mystery because it never has immediately happened. No itching of the mouth or hives that sprout up upon contact. Never any swelling of the mouth or trouble breathing. The only thing ever effected has been his eyes. Not to say that is not serious or bothersome or really uncomfortable (and unattractive), but it’s never been cause for emergency room visits. However, maybe I’m wrong, because it does make him feel bad afterwards, so it does effect his body in an unseen way. Perhaps it’s the Benadryl he usually takes, or it’s just his body not agreeing with the allergen.

Our practitioner also said it’s not all shellfish. She told him that scallops are the major culprit, but not all scallops. It depends on where they come from and the waters they are in. I’m hoping she will take care of it and that it can be just one less thing for us to worry about.


  1. hi my husband has the problem of the whites of his eyes swelling also i just wanted to tell you that he will not eat any fish yet his still swell so it could be other reasons

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