Creative Teacher Gifts…

By Heather Legg

With the holidays around the corner, or should I say here already, lots of gifts are being given. What can you do for your teacher that keeps the class safe from allergens while making your teacher happy? There’s lots of good ideas out there that don’t include nut laden cookies or ornaments that say #1 Teacher. Just think outside the box a little and use what you know about your teacher.

• You probably know the class allergies, so stay away from these. If you want to give baked goods, she may be tempted to sneak a bite while in class so don’t prevent it (or risk anything) by including allergens. If you are famous for your peanut butter balls but there is a child with a peanut allergy, give the sweets to your teacher after school or think of something else altogether.
• Give non-food items. Teachers love gift cards! Also, think about what you know about the teacher, if he loves coffee, give a coffee gift card in a mug. If she has a dog, maybe a new squeaky toy would be a good idea. If she loves playing music in class, go with an iTunes gift card.
• Stay away from “teachery” gifts. As a teacher and as a room mom, I’ve learned that teachers don’t really love the things that shout teacher. If you do want to give something related to the profession, give a book to the class from your family or a gift card to a school supply store.
• Go in together as a class. Collect donations for a gift card from her favorite clothing store or create a gift basket with her favorite things and include notes from the students. You can also each contribute your own gift card and attach them all to something like a book to the class (put them in the pages of the book) or on a new pillow for the reading corner.
• Have the students help create and personalize something for the class, like a reading chair with their fingerprints or an alphabet book with their names and drawings. They enjoy being part of it.

Teachers are an important part of your child’s life so don’t forget them, but remember the rest of the class, too and take their allergies into consideration.

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