Doctors and Allergies

We had an interesting morning today. It was my younger one’s (not the food allergy one) well check up. We had the appointment set and confirmed, I checked her out of school and off we went. We get to the pediatrician’s office where we have been going for over 10 years and they tell us, “Sorry, we don’t take your insurance anymore.”

Okay, so besides my thoughts of couldn’t you tell me this when we confirmed last week or why did insurance tell us this was fine when we checked, I realized I need to gather all of my daughters’ records and find a new doctor. As I said, we’ve been there for over 10 years and that means with all the strep throat and ear infections, we’ve seen these doctors for bouts of eczema on hands, eyes, bodies, just about everywhere and these were the ones with us during the food allergy diagnosis. They know the severity/non severity of her allergy and what it entails and we do to avoid it. Now we have to start over.

I also remembered my older daughter’s Epipen has just expired and I was going to ask for a new prescription while we were there today, but didn’t and probably couldn’t. I spent time on the phone this morning feeling out new pediatricians and did find one that sounds good. We have a well check appointment next week for my younger one, but what about my older one? I don’t think they’ll write a prescription for an Epipen without seeing her, so does that mean I have to pull her out of school or an after school activity to set up an appointment to get a new Epipen? Are they going to run through all of the allergy protocol new patients get, or will they assume I know it all? What will they take on allergies be? Will they be like the scary allergist we saw, or will they be calm but serious about it like our “old” pediatrician? Is all this in their records? Do I actually need to transport all their records or can I just get immunization forms?

And God forbid something happens in the next couple of weeks before we are “official” patients – what if she has a reaction? What if I can’t get her in time to get an Epipen? I guess we call and go from there. It’s a lot to think about is all I’m saying. It’s enough of a blow to be told we can’t treat you today for your appointment and see your little one’s eyes well up because she doesn’t get it, but then to think of all the little intricacies involved. It’s nice being settled with your doctor, it’s a pain finding a new one. I know it will all turn out just fine, but it’s a big inconvenience and I feel a little bit like if I left my purse at home when I went somewhere. A little lost, a little vulnerable and a little frustrated.

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