Epipen Instructions Videos

By staff

Many of us carry Epipens with us, whether for our own personal use or our children’s. Though our Epipens are constantly with us, most of us, fortunately, have never had to use them. Most of us, also, have never witnessed one being used. And many of us have never been shown how to use them, including myself.

Thorough directions are on the Epipen, but it’s helpful to practice hands-on. When we get our Epipens, we are given a trainer for practice, and they even recommend practicing with your expired ones on a piece of fruit.

Practice is a great idea along with showing friends and relatives how to use your Epipen. You wonder, though, when it gets right down to it, will you panic? Will you be confident and remember what to do? Will someone else remember what to do?

Here are some helpful videos and information to inform us, remind us, and refresh us on the technique of using an Epipen. I know that nobody ever showed me how to use our Epipen. Yes, I read the directions and practiced, but it’s helpful to see it in action. You may also want to share these with relatives, friends, and caretakers.

Epi-Pen Trainer Video
This is a video created by www.allergyware.com where she shows you the process first with the Epipen Trainer and then with an actual Epipen on a tomato. She provides additional information of what to do if experiencing a reaction. Yes, you can see the actual needle of the Epipen!

Luke’s Guide to Saving Luke
This one has a touch of humor while maintaining the seriousness of an allergy attack. Luke shows the process of how to inject an Epipen using the trainer.

How To Use EpiPen® (Epinephrine) Auto-Injector
This is part of Epipen’s website and is informative in a very thorough, practical format. The video is a narrated animated piece going over the Epipen itself, the injection procedure and follow up (911, hospital) as well as disposal.  Of course, it ends with a list of side effects and contraindications as pharmaceutical commercials do.

Education is always helpful so if a serious reaction occurs, you have plan of action. It’s no good carrying around those Epipens if we don’t know how or are afraid to use them.

– Heather Legg

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