Give In a Different Way this Holiday: Charitable Donation to Allergies and Asthma Organizations

By staff

This year while you are getting your holiday list together and trying to find just the right gift, think about a charitable donation. Perhaps you might want to do so as a supplement to your family’s gifts or you may want to donate in someone’s name instead of giving a more traditional gift. There are plenty of worthwhile organizations in the area of allergies and asthma which provide research, awareness and advocacy.

I’ve listed some to help in your search if this is something you’d like to do.  There are plenty of others as well that they can be found online. You can also research it further and find out where the money goes exactly by using a nonprofit site like or – Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.  AAFA was founded in 1953 and is the leading patient organization for people with asthma and allergies, and the oldest asthma and allergy patient group in the world. Not only does AAFA provide community based services and support, but the organization is active in education, advocacy and funding research for treatment and cures. – This is a nationwide nonprofit food allergy support group where you can go to for information, recipes, cooking help, and peer support. Their mission is fostering optimal health, nutrition and well being of children with food allergies by providing education and a caring support community for their families and caregivers. – The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network. FAAN provides advocacy and awareness of food allergies. Through fundraising (Walk for Food Allergies, Trick or Treat for Food Allergies) and donations, FAAN is able to provide funds for research and advocacy, as well as support and awareness world wide. Their membership includes families with allergies, medical and health professionals, and government officials and representatives among others. – Allergy & Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to eliminating suffering and death due to asthma and allergies through education, advocacy, community outreach, and research. It provides monthly publications and a positive, innovative website for education in all aspects of asthma and allergies. AANMA also hosts an annual Asthma Awareness Day on Capital Hill to educate legislators on the needs of research and awareness of allergies and asthma.
As I said, there are plenty of other organizations that help a great deal in the realm of advocacy, awareness and education in allergies and awareness. Think how far everything has come in the past years, from treatments to school plans to restaurants and labeling. These organizations help out a lot, and sometimes they need our help.

I do urge you, however, do your own further research and find which organization suits you and your needs best.

- Heather Legg

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