Is Everyone Allergic to Something?

By Heather Legg

The other day at swim team practice, the other moms and myself were talking about the end of school. One mom was trying to remind herself to go by the school to pick up her Epipen, she hadn’t done it yet. It was for her son who is allergic to peanuts. The other mom said she did pick hers up during the last week and she mentioned how the school nurse kept asking are you sure you want it now. She wasn’t worried as it’s a shrimp allergy that her son has.

I had to laugh and interject that I, too, picked up my daughter’s Epipen the second to last day of school and was asked the same questions form the nurse. She doesn’t like the allergic children to be without their medication, can you blame her?

The next woman to come over was looking for some bottled water so she could take, you guessed it, her allergy medicine. Claritin, I think, for seasonal allergies. We were starting to chuckle that this must be allergy day.

Yet another mom comes in with her child. Her first comment to us is that she was up all night due to her…allergies. OMG, another one! We all laughed and the poor woman thought we were laughing at her until we explained and of course, asked (jokingly) if she needed an Epipen. The mom whose pen was still at the school felt better since she knew we all had Epipens with us in case she needed it! We also agreed that if anyone’s child was in need of an Epipen, we would be happy to share ours. Who wouldn’t we wondered? Would our school nurse?

The mom with the shrimp allergy child said she was allergic to corn and once had a reaction in a restaurant without her Epipen. I think she said someone used another one on her, and yes, she was very thankful for that.

Here’s the kicker – you may think I’m making all of this but I assure I’m not. We were taking a friend home that day as her mom had to go somewhere. Her mom dropped her off to swim practice and gave me her bag. “Here’s her Epipen,” she said. “Just in case, though she’s never needed it. She’s allergic to bees.” You can imagine the reaction she got from us!

In fact these were all the moms in our little group, except one who all either had Epipens for their children or allerg medicine for themselves. We had a good laugh, but it does make me wonder…why so many Epipens and allergies?

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