My Christmas Wish List

By Heather Legg

Of course, there are those tangible things I want for Christmas, and the things like no more hunger or abuse in the world, and health and healing for all my friends and loved ones that I really want, but I’ve got a few more on my wish list, too:

More education on food allergies for teachers and school staff – Many are way up on allergy needs, but there are still quite a few who lump everything together to be safe, and don’t know distinctions between intolerances and allergies. I know, all the restrictions are to be safe, but providing an inservice, perhaps, for teachers on allergies could be very valuable.

A universal Epipen – wouldn’t it be nice if there were just some Epipens on hand in schools and restaurants in case there was a reaction and no other Epipen on hand. Or what if it’s someone’s first reaction? Could be lifesaving…

Understanding the difference between tree nuts and peanuts – so many people seem to think that a peanut allergy means a tree nut allergy a vice versa. There is a difference!

All doctors to have loving bedside manners while explaining allergies to children and parents – I’ll never forget our allergist terrifying me as he diagnosed our daughter with her allergy. Did he have to use words like death and dying in front of a five year old? I’ve seen the compassion and age appropriate manner that works, can’t they all have it?

An Allergy Day in school – Maybe if kids were educated, too, they wouldn’t use allergies as bullying tactics. If kids without allergies knew the real repercussions, they may take it more seriously and be a little kinder when it comes to allergies (I know it’s only a small few who bully with it, but unfortunately, it happens).

No more mystery allergies – they’re bad enough when you know what’s causing them, but those rashes and itchy eyes and sneezing are just way too confusing when you can’t identify the source! I’d like my husband’s mystery, undiagnosed eye allergy that causes the whites to swell up to just go away!

While we’re at it, can I just wish all allergies away?

So what do you think, Santa…

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