Finding a Credible and Certified NAET Practitioner

Making the decision to seek alternative treatment like NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques) is the first step in alternative allergy treatment. The second step is finding the right practitioner. This one can be challenging, as there are many practitioners who claim to be NAET practitioners, but don’t follow the procedures for true NAET. To obtain the results of becoming allergy free, the correct procedures must be followed. Here are some important criteria to look for while searching for your practitioner:

NAET Practitioners do:
• Test your allergy (what it is exactly you are allergic to and the severity of your allergy) using a specifically designed device for allergy testing called NAETER or by using muscle response testing.
• Treat acupuncture spots on your back with either hands or with a pressure instrument while at the same time you keep the allergen in your hand (the allergen is enclosed in a vial to ensure safety). An exception may be that a young child can have the allergen held in place with a wrist band.
• Retest after staying in the office for 15-20 minutes to check the severity of the allergen using muscle response testing again. The resistance will be greater, though it may take several sessions for complete clearing of the allergen.
• Ask that the patient avoids the allergen for at least 25 hours after each treatment and advise on ways of doing so.
• Require follow up visits complete with muscle response testing at each one until the allergy has cleared at least 80% – 90% (this may take quite a few sessions depending on the severity of you allergy).
• Advise you on how to introduce the allergen into your diet/lifestyle.

NAET Practitioners do NOT:
• Use color slides or flashing lights.
• Expect immediate results.
• Have you sit and think about the allergy with no acupuncture, acupressure, or present allergen.
• Use sublingual drops on first visits and tell you that your symptoms are part of the treatment (a certified practitioner may have you taste minute amounts of the allergen after your allergy has been cleared which usually takes several visits).
• Charge large amounts of $ for vitamins and supplements citing them as part of the treatment.
• Require you to ingest the allergen until you are ready.

Your NAET practitioner should have attended NAET Basic, Advanced-1 and Advanced-2 level classes and been returning for mandatory yearly certification and refresher’s classes.

Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET) is a alternative medicine treatment that uses a combination of chiropractic, applied kinesiology, contact reflex analysis, and acupressure to diagnose and eliminate all hidden allergies and sensitivities, which can be the cause of several illnesses.  NAET has been successful in eliminating allergic reactions to egg, milk, peanuts, penicillin, aspirin, mushrooms, shellfish, latex, grass, ragweed, flowers, perfume, animal dander, animal epithelial, make-up, chemicals, cigarette smoke, pathogens, heat, cold, and other environmental agents.  It was founded in 1976 by Devi S. Nambudripad, a licensed chiropractor and acupuncturist practicing in California, US. The number of visits it would take to eliminate all the allergies of a patient depends on the severity and the amount of allergies a person has.  The first few visits are allotted to treat the basic essential nutrients, while the next visits treat chemicals and environmental allergens, vaccinations, and immunizations.

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– Heather Legg


  1. Do you know of anyone in the Aurora, Illinois area who does NAET treatment? My sister has terrible allergy responses to nickel containing foods. I am aware of NAET for many years and think this program would help her. thank you

  2. Hi am having fungal infection since some years it keeps coming back every time. Is there any NAET practitioner in mauritius? Please email me phone number if so thanks


  4. Lynn Bittner-Don’t know if anyone has helped you. Jill Morian who owns Red-White Holistic Clinic in Westminster CO is EXTREMELY knowledgable in her field. She is wonderful!!!

  5. I am looking for NAET practitioner. I flew in march and have been sicl
    k everyday. A dear friend told me to look for practitioner. I am flying again in beginning of june. I am from Abilene,tx and will travel 160 miles if needed.

  6. I am looking for a certified NAET practitioner in North florida panhandle area ( Destin, santa Rosa Beach, Panama City). Would appreciate any referrals.
    Thank You, Olga

  7. Please stop spreading this misinformation. There is no such thing as a credible NAET practitioner, since both FARE and KFA describe the treatment as being completely ineffective and potentially dangerous. (A chiropractor in Ireland killed a peanut allergic patient with an NEAT treatment a few years back.) Please do not waste your money and endanger your own or your family’s lives.

  8. Looking for someone in the Harrisburg, PA area
    Also Libby I have used a NAET practitioner and it did work for me and he was in Ithaca, NY. It was unfortunate for that poor person with the peanut allergy. I would hope that people would use common sense in choosing to use any form of medical treatment or otherwise. I have seen medical doctors kill patients by mistakes too.

  9. My whole family has been going to a NAET + acupuncture practitioner for several years now and found excellent results. My friend is looking for a NAET practitioner in VIRGINIA for her son with terrible food allergies. THANK YOU!

  10. I’m looking for an NAET practitioner in Redding, CA and City of Mount Shasta in CA. Please provide names and contact info.


  11. Looking for a NAET practitioner near or southern Calif. Please provide contacts
    Thank you for your help.

  12. I am looking for a reputable NAET practitioner in the Vero Beach Florida area I have been to an allergist and have multiple things that are causing facial neck skin allergies and I’m miserable I’m wondering if NAET can help these types of allergies I am allergic to things like nickel Henna shampoo conditioners make up sunscreens I have documents explaining from a reputable allergist who did skin tests on me
    please help me
    My face and eyes swell up puffy rash and I feel like I can’t even go out of the house

  13. My family of 5 have ALL had NAET treatments and had miraculous recoveries from allergies and food sensitivities. My son used to vomit within 5 minutes of eating anything with apple in it. He eats applesauce all the time now, no problems. You can find a practitioner from this list:
    Not all practitioners are listed there (mine said she forgot to renew her listing), but it’s a good place to start. You can also call around to acupuncture and naturopath offices to inquire if they offer NAET or know of someplace that does. Best health wishes to all who read this!

  14. Looking for a NAET specialist in the mandeville, New Orleans, Metairie – anywhere close in Louisiana, Even Gulfport Mississippi isn’t too far from us.

  15. Looking for GREAT NAET CERT practitioner ANYWHERE in MA ….if anyone has seen ANYONE IN MASSACHUSETTS please REPLY AND LET ME KNOW… I feel like I’m in a dead zone and cannot find ANYONE NEAR ME…. even on NAET WEBSITE… thank you in advance!

  16. As someone who had severe allergies to almost everything so I tried every treatment available for years. I found naet through a chiropractor. After being treated for the worst ones they literally disappeared overnight. I havent sneezed or had any symptoms in decades. Highly recommend this treatment. I don’t know why it works, don’t care. It DOES.

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