When New Allergies Sneak Up On You

By staff

So you think you are safe from allergies; you’ve never had hay fever, you can eat anything you want, you don’t even sneeze at the shedding cat. Then one day, your world changes because suddenly your eyes swell up, your nose begins to run and you have that scratchy throat that others have talked about and you can’t stop sneezing. Why now, you think? What have I done differently?

A common occurrence in the allergy world is once we leave the area we’ve grown up in and move or travel to another location, allergies kick in. I live in the south and may be one of the few here immune to seasonal allergies, but I am surrounded by people loading up on their antihistamines come spring and fall. Most of these are transplants here; they haven’t always been around our beautiful flowering trees and fall foliage to develop resistance. That’s not to say that you can’t be allergic in your hometown; my husband, a native southerner as well, has spent many a spring with the windows closed and his choice antihistamine by his side.

A friend of ours moved his family to Florida where suddenly his son began constantly sneezing, had the itchy eyes and school performance even was affected. What was it, they wondered? They were using the same cleaning products in the house, same pets; he had never experienced any types of allergy before the move. But he had never been around so many palm trees. Somehow they discovered the palm trees and after NAET treatment, he is comfortable again.

What about food allergies? Can those be developed later in life? Sure they can. My best friend loves guacamole, but one day her mouth swelled up after one bite. The same happened with peaches and plums. She figured out that after having her children, her body chemistry changed and she became allergic to “pitted” fruits.

Skin allergies can manifest in the same way. Another friend and I both developed a skin allergy to gold during our pregnancies. Neither of us could wear our wedding bands because we had circular rashes around our fingers. After our pregnancies, my friend’s chemistry went back to normal while my skin rash still flares up every now and then.

Who can forget the Brady Bunch episode when Jan thought she was allergic to their beloved dog and it turned out to be just the flea powder. That can often be the case when something new is introduced into the household, be it flea powder, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, new clothes. But it can also be a change in your environment or even your own body. I guess Mother Nature just wants to keep us always on our toes.

– Heather Legg

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