New Year’s Resolutions to Help Fight Allergies

Sure we all want to eat healthier, lose some weight, exercise more, finish that novel half done on our computers, but what about some other New Year’s Resolutions? What else can we do to stay healthy and in control of our health issues? Are there some other life changes we can make to have a better year, one with less sneezing, less breathing issues, less worries? How can we enlist others to help us out in our fight against allergies? Here’s what I’m thinking might be some good resolutions…

1. Proactively and respectively spread allergy awareness among friends, family, coaches and teachers.

2. Educate myself on advancements in the medical world of treatments and medication.

3. Choose a research organization or two to learn about and support in the asthma/allergy field.

4. Contact legislatures and politicians about the importance of laws of food labeling on packages and in restaurants.

5. Help my children understand their own allergies as well as others allergies and asthma.

6. Control the allergies in my family; don’t let them control us.

7. Keep perspective and not overreact.

8. If an emergency arises, maintain control and a clear head; react appropriately.

9. Thank those that are helpful in these endeavors.

10. Turn my worries into empowerment.

Let’s see how these work for me in 2008 and feel free to take any of these (or all) for yourself. The best think we can do is to educate ourselves and others and trust that with our knowledge we are doing the right thing. Take control, be empowered…most of all, have a happy and HEALTHY 2008!!!

– Heather Legg

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