New Year’s Resolutions from the Allergy World

Here are some things any of us with allergies should try to do in the upcoming year. May you all have a Happy New Year and a healthy 2009.

• Educate others about your allergies, in a healthy, friendly way.
• Promote positive ways of handling allergies for everyone, classroom teachers, restaurants, friends, family.
• Stay abreast of current medical breakthroughs concerning allergies while educating yourself on the validity and relevance of each one.
• Keep your medication up to date, for yourself or your child. Make sure that all out of home medicine is up to date, too, like nurse’s office or daycare.
• Keep yourself as healthy as possible to fight off allergy attacks. We know that stress and sickness aggravates allergies; stay healthy though exercise, hand washing and healthy eating.
• Investigate other channels of allergy care if you have been thinking about it. Look into acupuncture or NAET if it is something you have been wondering about. It doesn’t mean you have to do it, but educate yourself on it.
• Join an Allergy organization to help yourself stay informed and to help promote awareness while supporting a valid cause (FAAN, AAAAI).
• Find out what you can do in your community. Whether it is a support group, school education or a mentor to someone newly diagnosed to allergies, there are lots of ways to lend support.
• Keep your house clean to ward off the dust and mold allergies.
• Stay realistic. Try not to overreact or to judge or to become defensive if something does come up regarding allergies.

Make your own allergy resolution. New years are good times to take on a new project or a new outlook. Assess your allergy situation and if needed, make changes. If not, keep doing what you are doing and know that it is all worth it. Happy new year to everyone and let’s hope it is a good allergy year, with little pollen, new breakthroughs and less sneezing and swelling!

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