Packing for a Vacation with Allergies

So I think we have our family allergies under control. That is until I start to pack for a vacation. This one isn’t even a long one; it’s not far, considering we just went out of the country. But the allergy gear we need to take…

• Epipen – this one always goes. Even though my daughter hasn’t had a reaction in almost five years, she’s been through NAET and even nuts and been fine. I think it’s become part of us and yes, it’s packed and ready to go.

• Benadryl – this sort of goes along with the Epipen, but with my family, there’s many other reasons to take it. My girls can be pretty rashy, especially in the summer and we are going to the Southeastern coast – talk about heat index. So Benadryl is coming not just for food allergies reasons but also for rashes, bug bites, or whatever else may come our way.

• Cortisone cream – I almost forgot this one until my daughter said her legs were starting to itch, so in it went. This cream has done wonders for the inner thigh summer rash, and like I said, these girls are going to be in the heat (which makes the rash thrive) and in the water (which adds to it, too).

• Sensitive skin sunscreen- I need to go pack the beach bag and make sure all the sensitive skin sunscreen is there. my friends are all using the spray sunscreen, but like I blogged on recently, it’s too strong for my sensitive skin children.

I think that about covers it and I’ve learned that pretty much anywhere we go has a nearby pharmacy or target, so anything we need is just a drive away. But doesn’t it make it a whole lot easier to have it with you already? Something like an Epipen is a no brainer, but the others, it takes a little foresight.

I remember long ago in college I went on a ski trip with some friends. Someone had a bit of an upset stomach, my one friend pulled out Pepto Bismol. We all laughed a little, but were glad she had it for our other friend. She told us that her mother never went on a trip without a fully stocked medicine bag, and though it was very un-college like, it sure was nice for our friend. I never forgot that and since then, especially now, go for the be prepared motto whenever we travel.

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