Common Allergies Causes

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In reality almost anything can be an allergen and can cause allergies in susceptible people; however, there are some irritants that cause problems in large numbers of sufferers. The list of common allergies is really quite long but it can be broken down a bit into classifications. We might break these down into; inhaled allergens, topical allergens and digested or eaten allergens. Continue reading…

What is an Allergy?

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According to Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, an allergy can be; 1) an altered bodily reaction to an antigen, or 2) an exaggerated or pathological reaction to substances or situations. This definition is slightly abridged for the sake of this article however this is a fairly good description. What we generally call allergies; runny noses, sneezes or skin reactions are only symptoms of an allergy not the actual allergy itself.
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What Causes Allergies?

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What causes allergies is a foreign substance that body reacts to, or sometimes even to itself. The body’s immune system is very complex and designed to help the body heal from a variety of attackers. Virus’s and bacteria are among the bad guys. Certain cells attack the invaders surround them and basically kill them so the body can continue to survive. This is how we heal and survive from colds and viruses as well as infections. Continue reading…

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