Penicillin Allergies

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The first time my daughter took an antibiotic, she broke out in a red, pin prick rash which covered her whole body. I called the doctor, they said stop giving her the medicine immediately. The same thing happened with my second daughter. I should have expected it because I, myself, have an allergy to penicillin, not diagnosed until I was 20 years old or so. But I had that same pin prick rash. Continue reading…

Pregnancy and Allergy Medication

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When a woman becomes pregnant, her whole body undergoes an amazing amount of change. Pregnancy affects all aspects of the body, including the respiratory system and even allergies. Some women with a history of allergies find that all of a sudden their allergies are better, while others who never experienced trouble before the pregnancy are sneezing with stuffy noses and itchy eyes. Other women just maintain, whether it means staying immune to symptoms or continuing the battle against allergies. So what do you do? Do you take the medications? Do you suffer the symptoms? Can you find relief? Continue reading…

Research Alternative Medicine before Shunning It

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I have two children in elementary school now and every year at the beginning of the school year at open house, it is inevitable that at least one parent stands up to discuss his child’s allergy, or we at least receive a letter from the parents or school nurse describing a classmate’s life-threatening food allergy. One of our daughter’s does have a food allergy, and we have written those letters and done those talks. But we are not as afraid as we used to be. We have also done alternative treatments with excellent results and when we see the fear other parents have, we can very well relate. Continue reading…

Allergy Headaches

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We often focus on certain allergy symptoms, the runny noses, the sneezing and itchy, watery eyes. Sometimes we talk about the general discomfort that comes with allergies. Then there are the food allergy symptoms like itchy mouth and stomach aches, even anaphylaxis, but we don’t talk or even think too much about the headaches associated with allergies.

Continue reading…

Epipen Instructions Videos

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Many of us carry Epipens with us, whether for our own personal use or our children’s. Though our Epipens are constantly with us, most of us, fortunately, have never had to use them. Most of us, also, have never witnessed one being used. And many of us have never been shown how to use them, including myself. Continue reading…

Finding a Credible and Certified NAET Practitioner

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Making the decision to seek alternative treatment like NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques) is the first step in alternative allergy treatment. The second step is finding the right practitioner. This one can be challenging, as there are many practitioners who claim to be NAET practitioners, but don’t follow the procedures for true NAET. To obtain the results of becoming allergy free, the correct procedures must be followed. Here are some important criteria to look for while searching for your practitioner:

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Communicating with Your Doctor Regarding Allergies

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Whether it’s your first visit to the doctor regarding allergies, or a follow up, you need to be able to leave the office feeling sure of yourself, your practitioner, and your treatment. You need to feel all your questions and concerns have been addressed. That, however, is easier said than done. We all have probably left the doctor’s office at one time or another a bit confused or wishing we had just been a little more persistent or paid a little better attention, I know that I have. Maybe we wished our friend was there so we could ask him what exactly the doctor meant when she said that. The following is a list to help you through your first allergy visit or any subsequent visits during your treatments: Continue reading…

Stinging Nettle as Allergy Relief

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In my quest for alternate forms of allergy relief, I recently came across information on one particular herb, stinging nettle, which is being used with good results for allergy relief, especially for the relief of hay fever. It has a long history of medicinal purpose, including treatments ranging from rheumatism to anemia to eczema. Today it is being used not only for those same ailments, but also for urinary tract problems and most importantly for us – allergies and eczema. Continue reading…

SLIT: An Alternate to Allergy Shots

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As all sorts of allergies are becoming more prominent in our daily lives, whether food allergy signs catch our eye in the grocery store or we notice our neighbors wearing face masks while mowing their yards, or we ourselves are directly affected by some sort of allergy, more types of treatment are becoming available as well.

Gone is the day (in my opinion) when we go to one doctor, listen to one diagnosis and treatment, and follow that with no further research or opinions. Continue reading…

When New Allergies Sneak Up On You

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So you think you are safe from allergies; you’ve never had hay fever, you can eat anything you want, you don’t even sneeze at the shedding cat. Then one day, your world changes because suddenly your eyes swell up, your nose begins to run and you have that scratchy throat that others have talked about and you can’t stop sneezing. Why now, you think? What have I done differently? Continue reading…

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