The Allergy Wizard

I’m always on the lookout for ways to help kids understand about their allergies. It’s one thing to explain their condition to them, but empowering them and making them comfortable with it is another story. Sometimes, we as parents, need a little help in this. Sure, our doctors can talk to them and tell them how to be safe, but that’s not always the best route, either. There are a few good books out there and some good websites; here is a website that I just came across that is fun, interactive and kid friendly.

Check out The Allergy Wizard on the National Jewish Medical and Research site. This is an online book that “will guide you through each chapter to help you learn all about allergy and how it affects kids. The Allergy Wizard speaks English and Spanish, so you can select your language to get started and go to the list of chapters. Each chapter has an introduction, learning objectives, background information, developmental issues and lots of fun activities for kids.”

It’s easily handled by kids, even younger ones, and is in a format that you can sit with them to navigate and discuss the material with them, or they can browse through it on their own. It doesn’t go too far in depth to be heavy, scary or laden with medical terms, but far enough to instill some basic understanding of allergies. There is a chapter on school,  one on holidays, one on allergy testing, and one on basic allergy information. The material is given in a fun format, using cartoon illustrations and interactive activities like a matching game, a maze and a quiz.

There is also an Asthma Wizard who has a sixty plus page book that you can order online from this site.

This site also includes a lot more information on allergies. You can find articles on symptoms, causes and diagnoses along with information on healthy lifestyles with allergies at work, play and school. A wide variety of allergies are covered, including insect allergies, seasonal and food allergies. A section on medication is there that has a lot of good, up to date information about the use of medication, finding the right one for your symptoms and interactions. Along with the Allergy Wizard, I especially like the vast FAQ section where a few of the doctors answer dozens of allergy related questions.

Consider adding this site to your allergy resource bank; it may help in your search for information, understanding and relief.

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