Traveling with Allergies

I have a friend who is expecting her holiday company soon. She is wondering what kind of coffee they drink, if they will wear their shoes on her carpets and if their kids like baths at night before bed or showers in the mornings. All of these are normal concerns (I guess) but then another whole facet is thrown in when someone has allergies. There are some accommodations you can make and some you can’t, so what if you are the one traveling with allergies? How do you ensure a safe visit? Here are some tips, with help from

• Make sure you take more than enough allergy and asthma medication with you on trips, in case you stay longer than expected.
• If you have a significant pet allergy, staying with that relative with indoor dogs and cats may not be the best idea; stay the night at a local hotel instead.
• Ensure family is aware of your food allergies before they prepare dishes; make sure you have your Epi-Pen handy (just in case).
• Especially if driving and space allows, bring safe food with you if you have a food allergy to worry about. You can also make a grocery store run (with or without your hose) once you arrive.
• If the Christmas tree will bother you, think about a hotel as well.
• Ask them if they have a humidifier in the house, dry air can play havoc with skin allergies. Bring plenty of good moisturizer and drink lots of water.
• If dining out with food allergies, ask about the restaurants if you are unfamiliar with them. Have your host or you yourself call ahead to get a feel for it that is a place you want to go with your food allergies.
• Most important, let the family know of your allergy needs and concerns. Don’t assume one way or the other that they know all about it or that know nothing about it, either. Plenty of people will be happy to go the extra step to make you feel at home; others see no reason to change their routing. Check in and see what they will do and educate where needed!

Enjoy your holiday! There is enough holiday stress without more being thrown in! Do what you need to do to make it as stress free as possible.

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