Peanut Allergy Patch

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We’re always hearing of new ways to reduce the body’s reaction to allergens. Whether we’re talking about allergy shots for bee stings, drinking certain teas for hay fever or a new prescription medicine with less side effects, we hear of them. However, it seems we’re still waiting for something effective for food allergies. Continue reading…

Allergy Free Hotel Rooms

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Have you ever stayed in a hotel room and woken up in the morning with swollen, red puffy eyes? Perhaps you notice that when you arrive and have been in your room a little while, you begin to sneeze. Maybe your asthma becomes exacerbated when staying in a hotel. Yes, it very well could be that your hotel room is full of allergens and it’s causing your own allergies and asthma to act up. After all, do hotels take the same careful cleaning and allergen removing precautions that you do at home? Continue reading…

Allegra Is Going OTC

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There will be one more allergy medicine on the shelves of your favorite pharmacy this spring. The Food and Drug Administration has just approved the sale of Allegra as an over the counter drug. A prescription is no longer needed. Allegra is used for the relief of allergy symptoms like sneezing; runny nose; itchy, watery eyes; and itchy nose or throat and is said to work within an hour of taking it. Continue reading…

Happy New Year

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You hear people say all the time how fast time goes, it really does! I can’t believe the year is ending, and all we can do is look forward to the new one and welcome 2011. Many of us set some goals, resolutions, or at least have some wishes for the New Year.  Here is what I’m thinking I’d like to see for 2011: Continue reading…

Diagnosing Food Allergies (Again)

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I know I’ve posted on this topic before, but after reading another article on diagnosing food allergies, it makes wonder what the future will be. According to a piece in the current issue of Time Magazine (Dec 20, 2010), Surveys suggest that the rate of food allergies is on the rise in the U.S., but experts say up to 90% of those allergies may be misdiagnosed cases of sensitivity to or intolerance of common foods like peanuts, milk and soy. Continue reading…

More Recalls

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McNeil Consumer Healthcare has just added more items to its list of medications recalled in 2010 and more than 14 million bottles of four products are on the list for voluntary recalls.  The recalled products include Rolaids Extra Strength Softchews, Children’s Benadryl Allergy Fastmelt Tablets, Junior Strength Motrin Caplets and Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom liquid products. Continue reading…

A Time to Give Thanks

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Managing a year, and a life, of allergies can be trying to say the least. It can be agonizing to worry every day when your child goes to school or a friend’s house, or college or summer camp to be left wondering and praying that he will be safe. It can be frustrating to not have others give the credibility that allergies are due, and not take them seriously enough. The campaigning and advocating can be exhausting, the note writing, the extra snacks, the daily medication, the pet hair, the personalized meals, the epipens….no one wants an allergy whether it’s food or environmental. Continue reading…

Food Allergy Bullies

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I remember reading an article a while ago about in England who was bullied due to a food allergy. I was shocked. But then it happened in my area, a minor incident, but bullying all the same. And bullying not only falls under the category of teasing with a certain food that is dangerous, but also teasing because of the allergy and making fun of alternate foods. Continue reading…

Medical Allergy Alerts

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Not so long ago, the only way to alert others of a medical condition during an emergency was with a medical alert bracelet. Not to say there is anything wrong with these now, it’s always a great idea in the case of life threatening medical conditions, like allergies or asthma, but now there are many options for adults and children. Here is a brief rundown of just a few of them: Continue reading…

Study Analyzes Antihistamines, Weight Gain

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A recent study shows that there may be some connection between antihistamine use and weight gain. In an article on, the study is explored:

Because of their chemical similarity to certain psychiatric drugs that have been associated with weight gain, researchers wanted to look at antihistamines.
A Yale study looked at nearly 900 adults. Those taking the prescription antihistamines Zyrtec or Allegra were more likely to be overweight or obese than non-users – 45 percent versus 30 percent.
Continue reading…

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