Dogs Helping Humans – Again!

When your child has a severe allergy, you’ll do almost anything to keep him safe. Now parents have another option in the fight against allergies, though it’s not an inexpensive one – Allergy Dogs. No, they’re not dogs with allergies, they are specifically trained dogs to sniff out allergies, and they are making life changing strides in the lives of people with peanut allergies.

In an article on, we learn of dogs who are much more than family pets, they are super heros. These dogs are trained by master handlers to help families who are inhibited by life threatening/ anaphylactic allergies.

There is the Labradoodle Slinky, who is trained to sniff out allergens that could be deadly to four year old Chase. Slinky just “ graduated” from the Angel Service Dogs Academy in Colorado. This program was founded by Sherry Mers who understands the severity of allergies as she has a daughter with severe allergies. She says, “This is a constant stress on the family, a constant stress on the child. They don’t socialize they way normal kids do.”

These kids are beyond the ones who simply can’t eat the food with peanuts or peanut butter in it. It’s more than the ones who can’t sit next to someone at lunch eating a peanut butter sandwich or share the candy made in a factory where peanuts are processed.

These are kids who can’t go on field trips, some have to be home schooled, they can’t have regular play dates or do things other kids do on a daily basis. These are kids familiar with hospitals and Epipens. These dogs who can sniff out the peanut allergens really are life changing. 

They work like police dogs, sniffing out a room but instead of drugs, it’s traces of peanuts they’re looking for.

“Dogs classify odors kind of like the way we classify things through our eyes with vision,” dog trainer Sean Hartley said. “They walk through the world recognizing millions of odors every day and they classify them appropriately.”

Angel Service Dogs has been featured on Today on MSNBC News, ABC Action News, FOXNews and more. For more information, go to

Angel Service Dogs was founded by families with a strong devotion to create a better, more independent life for others with this hidden disability. It is amazing to all of our families what these allergen and peanut sniffing dogs can do for boys, girls and adults!

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