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It’s that time of year to do all the things you keep saying you’re going to do but haven’t had time to do yet (yes, I have closets to clean out and a bathroom to finish painting). So how about this one – enter a recipe contest! is offering a contest for the winning allergen free recipes of at least one of the top food allergy restrictions. The winners get allergy friendly grocery shopping coupons of up to $150, the first place winner also gets an autographed copy of Kelly Rudnicki’s book, Food Allergy Mama’s Baking Book, full of great dairy, egg, and nut free treats. The winning recipes will be posted, with pride, on the website and you will also be recognized in the company’s monthly newsletter, as well as many other announcements – there’s your fame! Best of luck, now get in your kitchens!

The contest ends February 28, 2010, so you’ve got some time to start cooking and testing on your friends and family. For all contest rules and information, go here

While you’re there, check out the site, it’s a good one to bookmark if you haven’t already (I know I’ve mentioned it in earlier posts). You can find great information and products for each type of the major food allergies, plus more like salt or yeast free needs. You can shop, find recipes or just peruse the information and news.

I’ve written about Kelly’s blog, website and recipes before. Her food looks great and you can see a lot of it on her blog, No one would feel slighted eating her dairy, egg, and nut free chocolate shortbread sandwich cookies! What I like about her recipes is that you can wiggle them around to suit your needs. For instance, I can make these cookies and use regular dairy butter and milk, but I know they’re nut free. You can customize to your needs – always good!

What appeals to me is Kelly herself, she’s just like us, trying to find what’s best for her child with allergies, doing what she can and showing us you can be successful in lots of ways!

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