Happy New Year

You hear people say all the time how fast time goes, it really does! I can’t believe the year is ending, and all we can do is look forward to the new one and welcome 2011. Many of us set some goals, resolutions, or at least have some wishes for the New Year.  Here is what I’m thinking I’d like to see for 2011:

1. I wish it will be a year with no devastation from allergies. I hope there are no deaths from food allergies or bee stings, asthma, or anything allergy related. Each time I hear of an allergy death, my heart goes out to the family. As careful as we all are, it can happen.
2. I wish there will be a real cure for food allergies so those allergic and their families do not have to have fear be a constant companion.I hope in the coming years food allergies are a thing of the past, along with all other life threatening allergies.
3. I wish schools continue their road to awareness and teachers and staff continue to reach beyond what they need to do and do all the supportive things they are doing. I hope awareness continues to spread and that those that really don’t understand allergies or think they are minor conditions will open up their minds and understand how serious they can be.
4. I wish there will be no more allergy bullying. I don’t know how children can taunt others with something that is deadly to them, and for all the support and empathy I see, I know there is bullying and I wish that those participate in bullying find the compassions they need.

As far as my allergy resolutions, I have a couple of those, too:

1. I’ll continue to be vigilant with my daughter as well as continuing to let her take on responsibility and ownership of her allergy.
2. I plan on continuing on the awareness campaign and helping schools and other places/people understand the allergy concerns, conditions and dangers that exist all around us. I know it needs to be done in an educational, non defiant manner and I plan to continue that.
3. I’ll continue to find delicious recipes for those with allergies so we can all enjoy yummy food and not feel slighted because of foods we cannot have.
4. I resolve to do a better dusting my house and keeping the dog hair maintained so none of us in my family suffer from environmental allergies!

I wish you all a beautiful, healthy, allergy free 2011! Happy New Year!

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