Dogs Helping Humans – Again!

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When your child has a severe allergy, you’ll do almost anything to keep him safe. Now parents have another option in the fight against allergies, though it’s not an inexpensive one – Allergy Dogs. No, they’re not dogs with allergies, they are specifically trained dogs to sniff out allergies, and they are making life changing strides in the lives of people with peanut allergies. Continue reading…

Walk for Allergies – In My Area!!

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Amongst all the papers and things for me to sign the other day in my daughter’s folder from school, was a pamphlet from the school nurse – 12 Million Americans Have Food Allergies, it read.

On it was a yellow sticky note with my daughter’s name and classroom teacher. How great of the nurse to take the time to send these home! It’s a pamphlet for FAAN’s September Walk for Food Allergy. “Thousands of Walkers. Hundreds of Miles. One Goal” Continue reading…

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs…and Allergies

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This weekend, amidst the rain and cancelled soccer games, we went to see the new movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I do have to say, I think it’s a great, fun film, though my husband used the darkened theater to take a nap.

Of course, as in any good movie, there’s conflict and suspense, and a little foreshadowing. In Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, one of the story lines plays around food allergies. Apparently, Bill Hader (from SNL fame) has a nut allergy and according to a Seattle Times movie review,

“Sam’s peanut allergy, which also plays a crucial role, was inspired by Hader’s allergies to nuts. “How do you do a movie about food without someone having a food allergy?” the actors asked.” Continue reading…

New Research is Hopeful in Curing Allergies

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According to a recent study in Glasgow reported in the BBC News, “Scientists have made a breakthrough which could reduce the risk of children suffering serious allergic reactions to peanuts and other food.”

Researchers at Glasgow University have identified a molecule which amplifies allergic reactions and a have developed a biological agent which may have the possibility to reduce allergic symptoms. Continue reading…

PBS Documentary on Allergies

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While he’s launched into science fiction and he’s slashed into horror, filmmaker Kevin Lindenmuth’s latest project takes him back into the true-life drama of the documentary genre. “I’m Not Nuts: Living With Food Allergies” is the 44-year-old Brighton resident’s recently completed work, and it’s set to air at 9 p.m. May 12 on Detroit Public Television as part of Food Allergy Awareness Week. The 58-minute broadcast on the southeastern Michigan PBS affiliate is part of Lindenmuth’s full 84-minute film put out by his production company, Brimstone Media Productions LLC, and it can be purchased on DVD from (from Continue reading…

Allergy Symptoms Being Confused with Swine Flu, But Shouldn’t Be

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Every news piece we hear or see these days has something to do with swine flu. We hear numbers and new countries and states where it has been confirmed. We hear of hospitalizations and the rush to finish a vaccine. But I haven’t heard a lot of information on symptoms and distinguished symptoms. Apparently, many people are mistaking symptoms since this is right in the midst of spring allergy season. Continue reading…

Food Allergy Awareness Week May 10-16

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In 1997, FAAN created Food Allergy Awareness Week to educate others about food allergies.

Spread the word about the 12th annual Food Allergy Awareness Week (FAAW), May 10-16, 2009. This year help those with food allergies “Take Action, Prevent Reactions.” Continue reading…

Conferences for Gaining Information

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Conferences can be informative for people wanting to learn more about a topic. Here are some upcoming allergy conferences that you may have a chance to attend: Continue reading…

Illinois Teacher Banned from Wearing Allergy Mask

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A Joliet elementary school teacher who suffers from severe allergies is on leave this week as she battles school district officials who have barred her from wearing a respiratory mask on campus. Continue reading…

Recent Time Magazine Article

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A recent article in Time magazine, Have Americans Gone Nuts Over Nut Allergies, discusses some of the recent behaviors in regard to nut allergies that have taken place around the country. Some of the incidents mentioned are the felling of Hickory trees because they leaned over the yard of a grandmother with a nut allergic child and the evacuation of a school bus because a lone peanut was spotted. I have a daughter with a nut allergy and I think these behaviors fall far into the extreme category. Continue reading…

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