Singulair Connected to Suicide

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Right now the allergy headlines are full of spring allergies, hay fever and sneezing. So it’s a bit of a shock to see suicide connected with allergies. However, experts and the FDA are now investigating the connection of suicide and the allergy/asthma medication, Singulair. Continue reading…

Good News for Allergy Sufferers and Their Contact Lenses

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For many people, spring is the worst time of the year for allergic rhinitis and it hits hard in the nose, the eyes, the head and more. For those of you that wear contact lenses on top of dealing with allergies, it can be challenging. Eye allergies are just as uncomfortable as any other part affected by allergies and by adding contacts which can often provide their own discomfort, it makes it even more uncomfortable. Continue reading…

Meredith Broussard Stirs up the Allergy Community

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It seems the allergy world is in an uproar after an interview on NPR and an article written by Meredith Broussard published in Harper’s Magazine. She discusses the rise of food allergies and the impact it has on so many aspects, but what has caused such a stir in the food allergy community is that she claims food allergies are not as severe as the media hype and over reactions make them out to be. Continue reading…

How Allergic is Your City?

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A hundred years ago or so, doctors used to send people with health issues to the shore to heal them. Perhaps they sent those with allergies and the fresh sea air helped clear them while they were away from whatever made them feel bad. Maybe they sent those with asthma to breath in the clean air from the coast to feel open and refreshed. Would doctors today send someone to your hometown? Or would they send them away from it? Recently the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America released the data on their annual study on the top allergy and asthma capitals in the country. Let’s see what they found out… Continue reading…

Xyzal: New Prescription Antihistamine to be Available for Fall Allergy Season

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Last May the FDA approved a new antihistamine which will be available soon by prescription only. “Xyzal is a once daily, non-drowsy, oral medication for the relief of seasonal and year round allergies and chronic hives.” Adults and children over 6 years old can take Xyzal. Continue reading…

Allergies to Metal in the Mouth

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People usually know if they have allergies to certain metals, like those used in jewelry.

Unfortunately, the same metals could cause the same problem inside their mouth but such type of allergic reaction often goes undiagnosed as it mimics the gum disease. Continue reading…

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