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While he’s launched into science fiction and he’s slashed into horror, filmmaker Kevin Lindenmuth’s latest project takes him back into the true-life drama of the documentary genre. “I’m Not Nuts: Living With Food Allergies” is the 44-year-old Brighton resident’s recently completed work, and it’s set to air at 9 p.m. May 12 on Detroit Public Television as part of Food Allergy Awareness Week. The 58-minute broadcast on the southeastern Michigan PBS affiliate is part of Lindenmuth’s full 84-minute film put out by his production company, Brimstone Media Productions LLC, and it can be purchased on DVD from amazon.com. (from www.livingstondaily.com)

The documentary’s purpose is to be a resource for those living with food allergies and to be an educational tool for the general population. It’s hard to understand what those affected by food allergies deal with on a daily basis, and this film highlights that. Lindenmuth’s two nieces have food allergies and are major players in the film.

According to this article, the movie aims to answer common questions and issues regarding the subject: the impact on the daily routine of a child, a parent or sibling; the massive undertaking of educating others about how to prevent reactions; the time and energy that goes into preparing to eat out, going to the park or simply visiting family and friends; dealing with school and day care; and the lack of understanding from people who are unaware of the danger of the condition.

Though this is a locally aired piece, it would be nice to get it out to the public and hte general population. It sounds like a great tool for schools or those dealing with food allergies to learn from and to share with their families. Lindenmuth comes from a background in horror films and says, “”The horror movies are about normal people dealing with a bad situation, and most of the documentaries are about people dealing/coping with a bad situation — at least as far as the health-related ones go,” he said. “So, thematically, they are somewhat the same.”

The below website also has a food allergy faq with some good information on food allergies regarding symptoms and treatment.

For the complete article, see http://www.livingstondaily.com/article/20090503/LIFESTYLE/905030346/1024/CUSTOMERSERVICE02/Brighton+man+s+documentary+airing+on+PBS.

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