Say You’re Thanks

With all the worries we have, we need to remember to be thankful for our blessings; we need to know gratitude. We worry about the economy, global warming, the country, the world. We worry about our kids’ achievements and our own. And for those of you reading this, you probably worry about allergies. But for at least one day, on Thanksgiving, put your worries aside and just be thankful.

Be thankful that food allergies can be diagnosed, that we know what causes them and what to avoid. Be thankful for Epipens and Benadryl and acupuncture and teachers that understand. Be thankful for antihistamines for hay fever and for dogs that don’t shed. Be thankful for HEPA air filters and fragrance free laundry detergent. Be thankful for your doctors and nurses and everyone else who helps keep you and your family healthy.

Years ago, awareness wasn’t as prevalent. Maybe we have a long way to go, but look how far we’ve come. Be thankful for labeling and peanut free factories. Be thankful for soy and rice milk and for gluten free products. Be thankful for grandparents that don’t think you’re crazy for all that you do to keep your kids healthy and for schools that help keep up with medication.

Be thankful there is a hospital close by in case you need it, or an internet where you can seek information and others dealing with what you are, too. Be thankful for organizations like FAAN and AAFA and all the research they do to keep everyone safe.

Sure, there are things far from perfect in the world, in our lives. But we need to see all that is good. Be thankful, don’t forget. When you look around the table next Thursday, take a moment away from worrying about if there is mold in the air of if maybe the pumpkin pie touched the pecan pie and see your family and friends instead. Be grateful for those who are there and think of for those who aren’t. Keep your glass half full throughout the day, and give your worries the day off.

Happy, Safe and Healthy Thanksgiving to All and Many Blessings, too.

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