Trace Adkins Helping out Food Allergies

I’ve always been amazed at what a little celebrity help can do for a cause. I think about Katie Couric and colon cancer awareness, Michael J. Fox and Parkinson’s Disease, even all the celebrities who have donned their milk moustaches for milk promotion. Celebrities help get the point across. One of the latest to take on a cause is Trace Adkins, country music star and food allergy parent.

Adkins’s daughter suffers from food allergies and he has been a spokesperson for FAAN. When he appeared on the Celebrity Apprentice recently, it was natural that food allergies was his cause. Though he did not win, his visual presence in this cause has increased tremendously, and what follows is that public awareness has been increased.

For the 11th annual Food Allergy Awareness Week (FAAW) sponsored by the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) which takes place May 11-17, Adkins and FAAN are launching a poster geared towards teens, according to the Trace Adkins site.

Because the teen years are dangerous ones for teens with food allergies, Adkins wants to appeal to this age group and help them learn what they can do to be safe. Not only is it important that the one with the allergy knows what to do in case of emergency, it’s important that friends know, too. Most teens hang out with their friends more than they do with their parents, so parents aren’t around to monitor so much anymore. Though at that age a teen can administer medicine himself or herself, sometimes it’s not possible, so it’s a good idea that friends know how to give an Epipen injection or what else to do if an emergency arises. This also empowers the teen with the allergy through teaching and awareness.

Bullying also comes into play more in the teen years. FAAN wants to educate teens in this area as well. Friends are important here, too, and with more support there can be less bullying.

You can visit to download the free poster of Trace Adkins while learning more about food allergies and FAAW. You can also go to to access a link to iTunes to purchase his charity single, You’re Gonna Miss This, which is the number one country song in America. All proceeds go to FAAN.

When celebrities step up and tackle a cause, it’s admirable. Adkins knows first hand the dangers of food allergies and the problems that families face. Thanks, Trace, for taking this on!

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