Welcome 2010!

By Heather Legg

Can you believe it – 2010 – WOW!

We all made it through New Year’s Eve, watching a mix of the  Las Vegas countdown with Carmen, NYC countdown with Ryan and the Disney countdown. We left our best friend’s house at approximately 12:10 and were snug in our beds by 12:30. Not the wildest of times, but good ones all the same.

As I look back on last night, the holiday season and 2009 as a whole, I can be nothing but grateful ( and maybe a little bittersweet at how time flies). I’m super happy to report no allergic reactions that caused any worries. We did just have a swollen eye the other day, but that went down within a few hours. Oh yea, and my husband had some sneezing sessions last night at our friend’s when the cat sat behind him.

Otherwise, there were no food allergy emergencies, no need to get out the Epipen and even less Benadryl use this year. I even feel we sort of got the winer/summer eczema under control (so far). What else can you really ask for?? 2009 brought me more allergy knowledge, education, awareness, and hopefully I was able to share of some of that with you and the other places I try, like school and with others I know with allergies.

I’ve shared a few stories with parents with kids with allergies about our alternative allergy practices, gotten some weird looks, given the phone number a couple of times I’m sure to no avail, but also directed a person or two to our practitioner with rave results. Not bad for a year, huh.

I guess what I’ve learned most though, through my own personal experience and reading lots of other allergy blogs about all the brave (yes brave) things moms, families, individuals do, is that allergies aren’t the worst thing in the world. We are blessed with lots of substitutes, from almond butter to rice flour to soy milk and so many more easily accessible items. We’re blessed with information at our fingertips – blogs and medical sites, information and recipes galore, and networks in our community – people sharing stories, of both scary times and what works. We’re lucky to have support and knowledge in our schools and camps, more understanding in the work place and restaurants. We’re lucky to have access to a variety of medicines and practices.

I’ve had some friends with really bad stuff happen this year, there’s been more than one heartbreak in more than one way, and my heart goes out to them. It makes me realize we’re all pretty lucky – we can deal with this! There’s a great deal of good stuff out there Beyond Allergies!!! Here’s to a great (manageable) 2010! Happy New Year!

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