Allergy Free Easter Baskets

By Heather Legg

As promised, here are some ideas for allergy free Easter basket goodies. It’s always a challenge to be creative when putting together something for your child, but even more so when your child has an allergy. With Easter, you have not only dairy and nut allergies to worry about, but also eggs are a biggie. Of course, you’re going to leave out the real eggs if your child is allergic, so what are some fun things to substitute?

• Gifts around any of the holidays seem to get easier and easier to find these days, so it’s always easy to go with a non – food option. You can get Easter socks, hair bows, underwear, or charms for your child’s rubber shoes. You can find affordable themed t-shirts (or even try one of the allergy t-shirts like at
• You can put something fun and seasonal in baskets, and you can probably find some of these in Easter themes as well like bubbles or chalk (chalk shouldn’t be used if your child is allergic to the dust or if it exacerbates asthma). One year I found very cute egg shaped sidewalk chalk.
• Gardening tools and seed packets are a great affordable idea. It also goes with the season and Easter. Kids will love seeing their plants grow.
• If you want to do candy, there are a lot of allergy free options, depending on your needs. Much of candy is egg free, just make sure you read the labels carefully. You may have a problem if it is made in a shared facility, though. If your child is allergic to dairy or nuts or other allergens, you can find allergy safe candy web sites, like, which have candy that is virtually allergy free.
• You can also include a stuffed animal in your basket, maybe a rabbit or chick. Webkinz by Ganz are huge right now, any kid would love one.
• How about a book? You can find cute Easter ones, either with an animal theme or religious theme. If your child has a favorite series get the next one he hasn’t read.
• Add your child’s favorite allergy safe candy. It doesn’t have to be Easter themed.

Be creative, Easter baskets don’t just have to be eggs. You can go simple or go extravagant; go practical or go whimsical. There are lots of options out there.

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