Allergy Free Food Areas in Parks

Yesterday my family went to a major league baseball game, the first one we took our kids to. Yes, we knew we’d spending a small down payment on a car there, but we went and had a fantastic time. It did make me think, though, what do families with peanut allergies do?

It was a gorgeous day; blue skies with a few fluffy clouds, nice temperature and a nice medium gust of wind every now. A gust of wind just strong enough to blow things around, like a napkin across the field (which my kids thought was hysterical) and peanut shells. Peanut shells were everywhere. One landed on my lap, one was in my daughter’s hair (no one in my family is allergic to peanuts, only tree nuts).

So I was wondering, do our friends with kids with peanut allergies go to baseball games? Peanuts are classic at a baseball game, they’re even mentioned in the 7th inning stretch song. But if the shells are flying around, then the dust has to be, too. You can’t just go and not expect to encounter them. People eat them and drop the shells at their feet. So even if you don’t see them, it’s possible for some peanut oil or dust to be anywhere in that stadium. Is this something else that has to be avoided by those with peanut allergies?

I know some parks are introducing peanut/allergy free food areas to eat. There is now a park or two that has allergy free restaurants. But I don’t know if this covers seating. Will there be sections that don’t allow allergen foods in them, primarily peanuts? But what about the wind, you can’t control that and if someone nearby is eating peanuts, well, I saw the shells freely blowing all around.

I don’t have the answer to this, only questions. It makes me sad to think that someone with a peanut allergy may not be able to enjoy our nations past time, but I don’t have a solution.

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