Allergy Testing Again?

The other night we were talking about how my daughter hasn’t had any semblance of an allergy reaction in quite some time, years actually. Remember, she had NAET, an alternative method of eliminating allergies, and since then – nothing. No hives, no mouth itch, nothing. 


Now we do keep her away from nuts. She can’t eat things with nuts visually in them, but I don’t read too many ingredients lists anymore, and she made it through a multitude of French bakeries and Belgium chocolate shops. Last year we were over at a friend’s house and they had a bowl of cashews out (the worst culprit of all for my daughter). People were eating them, in fact, the host was handling them and dinner, and – nothing. No itch, no hives – nothing.


So what does this mean? Has she outgrown her nut allergy? Did the NAET take it all way? Now over her sessions of NAET, our practitioner said she was clear, no longer allergic. We did a few minor trials – nut oils on her leg – no rash. Nut oil in her mouth, no itch or swelling. She never ate nuts in the office, thought he practitioner assured us it would be fine – we were all just a little too nervous.


Bottom line, my question is – Do I have her retested in the allergist’s office – the scientific place? I know enough now, though, to know that food allergy skin, even blood tests, aren’t always accurate. So do I put her that (which really was tough on her) to get an answer that may not be reliable. Do we go with our gut and just keep a watchful eye, but not an overly cautious one?


She starts middle school next year, they won’t watch over as carefully there. IS the timing right to check it all out, or trust our practitioner who we do dearly trust and respect. It’s just that piece of science that’s missing.


But as my husband says, we did the treatments, let’s trust they work. We have the evidence clearly as lack of reactions. She even ate a chocolate last year with nuts in it by accident, and only said her mouth itched after we read the ingredients. She really was fine and this was ingested nuts. Not just a trace, not just a whiff or a touch. Ate them and nothing…

 So again, to retest or not to retest?

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