Carob: Alternative for Those with Chocolate Allergy

By staff

Ahe, the sweet, rich taste of chocolate. Millions of people loves the taste of this decadent dessert. Yet, many people can not taste one sip or one bite of this tasting temptation because they are allergic to it.

An allergy reaction to chocolate can show up in many different ways. A person may experience skin problems such as hives and itching. They could experience gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea and vomiting. They also can experience bad headaches, including migraines.

A person can also develop an allergy over time. This means you may go half of your life able to eat chocolate without any reaction or without realizing you are having an allergic reaction to chocolate. Then suddenly the allergic reactions start or you finally pinpoint that your symptoms are because of an allergy. For these people, it can be even harder to avoid the temptation. Why? We are human and we usually crave what we can’t have. If you have already tasted this delicious treat, you realize what you are missing. For this reason, it makes it easier on people who were diagnosed earlier in life, before any real memories of the taste of chocolate can form in their minds.

Yet, chocolate lovers and people with chocolate allergies have another choice when they are craving their favorite dessert. Carob.

What is Carob?

Carob comes from the gummy substance that is found in seeds of Carob trees, which are usually grown in the Mediterranean regions.

You can buy carob in many forms. For baking, you can buy it in powder form, drops and chips. When using carob powder as a substitute for 1 square baking chocolate (one ounce) mix 3 tablespoons of carob powder to 1 tablespoon of water or vegetable oil. You can then use it just as you would any cocoa. Carob can be added to cake mixes, candy recipes, and cookie recipes as a substitute for chocolate. If you add a little bit of carob to white bark, you can even make your own fudge.

You can also buy carob in a syrup form to make drinks such as hot chocolate.

If baking is not your idea of fun, you can even buy candy bars, cookies, etc made out of carob at many health food stores and through many different sites over the internet.

Carob comes from trees from the Mediterranean region. It contains no chocolate, no cocoa, no sugar and no caffeine. Yet, it has its own naturally sweet taste. Many people believe this makes carob more nutritional than chocolate.

As for the taste itself, many people can not tell the difference between cakes that are baked with traditional cocoa and those that are baked from carob powder. The candies are really good, too.

If you want a sweetened alternative to hot chocolate or chocolate milk, you may want to consider buying carob in its liquid form. The powder form doesn’t dissolve in liquids very well.

Carob is a miracle for those who are allergic to chocolate, but still suffer from the occasional chocolate craving.

– Linda McCloud


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Rick Miller:

I am allergic to all colors and types of chocolates. However, I can not locate anyone who sells carob syrup. The carob powder does not dissolve in almond milk.

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