Corn Allergy

While I could not come across a recipe that is free of corn syrup, corn starch or vegetable oil per a reader request, I did find a couple of interesting resources and some good information. First, corn is in everything. If this is a corn allergy, you have to be really careful. I once heard that everything you eat is corn, from steak (corn fed beef) to cereal (made with corn) to sugar and shortening. Even the containers foods are sold in like cereal boxes are made of corn.

I came across a site that will probably be helpful to many of you, cooking allergy free. I haven’t seen this one before, but I think I’ll bookmark it in my favorites. You can choose from a broad list of allergens, way more extensive than the top eight, including corn, yogurt, turkey, shrimp, specific fruits and vegetables and specific nuts. The site then gives you a list of where this allergen can be found, again a thorough list. You can also register with your allergen and when you request a recipe, the risk will be noted according to your log in information. Also each recipe lists the allergen it contains. I like this because plenty of people are allergic to more than just the top eight, but there is not so much information out there for you.

This site, though a little outdated as noted in the header has some interesting corn allergy information, including lists of foods that may contain corn derivatives and medications that may contain them as well. A few substitutions are given for baking powder, a common ingredient containing corn.

I also like this site, Stop High Fructose Corn Syrup. We are currently trying to cut this out of our diet and it’s not so easy. We aren’t allergic to it, but it can’t be healthy, as the media has shown. This site has some good links to other articles and pieces on the same topic. You can find a list of HFCS free foods on the site, or jump over to another and find a list of foods that do. You may be surprised. Many whole wheat breads are full of HFCS (who knew) and other foods like crackers and yogurt. I know I’ve found good luck at places like Trader Joe’s for foods without HFCS, like jelly and maple syrup (the prices are good, too).

Good luck with the corn allergy, be careful, that’s a hard, hard one to avoid.

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