Do You Need a Nutritionist?

I was talking with a college student this afternoon and her major is nutrition. We were discussing the fact that there are so many facets in that profession for her to take. Of course, what came to mind for me was a nutritionist specializing in allergies. Think of all the trouble, all of the questions, all of the sorting out that you have to do with food allergies, and how helpful it would be if you had guidance.

Some of you may have used nutritionists already to help out with your food allergies or those in your family; some of you may have been fine decoding it all yourself, and some of you may have searched for one specializing in allergies to no avail, while others may never have thought that this was as option.

There are some allergy oriented nutritionists out there, though they are a little hard to find. I never used a nutritionist, but I wonder if it would be more beneficial to someone with a wheat or dairy allergy than to a tree nut allergy. I don’t worry about my daughter missing out on essential nutrients because she doesn’t eat tree nuts, but I probably would if she couldn’t have dairy. I know there are substitutes, but I think a nutritionist would be able to lend a valuable helping hand.

I have heard of allergy nutritionists who will literally walk you through the grocery store as well as make menus with you. I think the walk through would be great as I remember calling the allergist with a list of food asking him (or his nurse should I say) one by one if they were OK. There are allergy nutritionists who will work with trying to relieve long term symptoms as well, like eczema or ADHD which are often due to food allergies. There are those that will make sure you are getting the valuable nutrition you need even if you have totally eliminate/avoid certain food groups.

A food nutritionist specializing in allergies is probably a very valuable professional we would find we really appreciate. There are so many questions we have when we are our children are diagnosed with food allergies. Sure, it gets a little easier as we go, but a little support sure would be nice.

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