Easter Eggs for Egg Allergies

By Heather Legg

Here comes another holiday, and with it comes the difficulty of tackling it with food allergies. With Easter in less than two weeks, many of us are preparing Easter baskets and getting ready for egg hunts. But what if your child has an egg allergy, or a milk or nut allergy (chocolate)? Just like with everything else we do, we just need to be a little more creative.

You can read of one mom’s plight in dying eggs with her daughter who is allergic to eggs on www.childfoodallergy.com. She struggles with the decision of dying eggs for her children without allergies, and the threats it might pose to her child with allergies. I like her thoughts and her decisions; check it out and see what you think.

On this same site, you can find a list of ways to incorporate eggs into Easter without using real eggs. Some suggestions are to use:
• Wood Eggs
• Plastic Eggs
• Styrofoam® Eggs
• Plaster Eggs

I actually like these ideas better than using real eggs, because these can become keepsakes, something you can put out every year. They don’t get old and you don’t feel guilty throwing food away. With older kids you can carve the wooden eggs or Styrofoam eggs and create beautiful plaster eggs. With younger kids you can use any of the above eggs and glue jewels or beads on to them, draw or paint on them, use stickers or fabric to decorate. Check out your local craft stores for any of the above, plus great papers, ribbons, decorations and you will be surprised what beautiful things you will be creating.

I also like the idea of making paper or fabric eggs, either flat egg shaped ones that can be colored and designed, or 3-D ones where your children can use heavier paper, either colored or white and decorate themselves and “crunch” into egg form. These are pretty hung by ribbon for decorations.

Remember, it’s not about the “egg.” Holidays are about being with your loved ones and thinking about the meaning of the holiday. There are lots of ways to substitute for Easter eggs, but don’t forget about why you are making them. Be creative, have fun, and stay safe! Stay tuned for some Easter basket ideas coming up.

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Try out eggnots.com
Ceramic eggs for the realistic easter egg coloring tradition

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