Grocery Shopping for Food Allergic Might be Easier with Miss Roben’s

By staff

Shopping in your mainstream grocery store for someone with a food allergy has gotten easier over the past few years, but it still can be confusing. Bakeries share equipment, items can be in odd places, managers may not be fully aware of all allergies. You’ve also got your natural and health food stores, but those can be challenging, too. There is still a possibility of cross contamination due to handling and in house preparation, and while there may be a lot of wheat or gluten free products, nuts are a major player in health food stores. And then there is Miss Roben’s.

Miss Roben’s, otherwise known as, is an online grocer specializing in food allergies. It was founded in 1992, selling just a few products, mostly wheat and gluten free. As the company grew, and the needs of consumers were taken into account, changes were made. At Miss Roben’s, ALL major food allergens, including gluten, were removed from the plant and each piece of equipment is thoroughly cleaned after each use. All outside items (which may contain some allergens, but always clearly listed) are thoroughly inspected before sale, including label checks (as these can change) and even the packaging material so it, too, is allergy safe.

Another need this company saw in the market place was for those with multiple allergies. It’s easy enough to find nut free or milk free or wheat free items, but what if you are allergic to more than one of the major allergens, or to many others, like rice and corn, that at Miss Roben’s are taken into account. Here, it’s easy to find products that fit your needs.

The site is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate, and there are multiple ways to shop. You can browse by category, including Miss Roben’s brand mixes and products, or by allergy. You can do a “free of” search where you can include as many things as needed that you need to avoid. For each product there is a complete description including an ingredient list, an allergen list and a safe list. The site includes a comprehensive definition for all their codes, including dedicated room, dedicated plant, date, etc, so you know what all of these codes mean on the site. A list of noted allergens is given as are details for the processing of Miss Roben’s mixes.

Not only do you get all of this information, but there are recipes, tips, even a newsletter. Recently, this site was featured and received high accolades in the Wall Street Journal as a thorough, easy to navigate site with a comprehensive selection with everything from baking mixes to fruit snacks, from soaps to mustard.

Check out this site, not only for its great products, but for some useful information.

– Heather Legg

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Just wanted to let folks know Miss Roben’s is back in business and shipping out of Northern California. I’ve already ordered several packages of their gluten-free brownie mixes…yummy!!

November 11th, 2014 | 6:46 pm
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