More Health Benefits to Organic Dairy

“Young children who consume exclusively organic dairy products are significantly less likely to develop allergies, asthma or eczema by the age of two, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Louis Bolk Institute in the Netherlands and published in the British Journal of Nutrition,”

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We’ve always done organic milk, more for the other health benefits, like lack of added hormones and antibiotics, etc. but I think this study gives more credence to the use of organic dairy. Dairy is always one of the top items to go organic with (foods like strawberries and lettuce usually rank high, too, while bananas and oranges not so high).

This is said to be the first example of a definite health impact of organic food consumption. Researchers found that the allergy rate was 36% lower in children who drank organic milk and ate organic cheese and yogurt. The mother’s diet also had impact while she was pregnant and breast feeding.

“ ‘There was a clear relationship between organic dairy use and less eczema,’ said researcher Machteld Huber. ‘The difference was significant but only for children exclusively eating organic dairy products.’ “

If the children had a combined diet of organic and conventional products, the relationship wasn’t there.

Organic dairy doesn’t have the additives that conventional milk does. Conventional dairy, especially is often blamed for many health factors, including earlier onset of puberty. While studies are inconclusive on many aspects, this one clearly shows that organics do have health benefits.

Organic products often can be confusing, so labels need to be read carefully to get the full understanding. Again, some foods are better organic, some aren’t worth the extra dollars or the extra distance it travels. However, as stated earlier, dairy is one that does make a difference.

While my children aren’t huge milk drinkers, we do stick by organic.  It’s easier on the wallet than for the families that go through gallons a week, but if it’s possible for your finances, it may be worth the switch. My kids do eat a lot of yogurt, and for us, that’s organic, too. Not only does it not contain the hormones and antibiotics, they don’t contain high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors and flavors.

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