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I like to share other websites that may be informative and helpful in your search for allergy solutions, advice and knowledge. I came across and like the looks of it. It is “dedicated to making eating Healthy easier” and like us, contains a blog, helpful links, recipes and news pieces.

On the “front page” the major food allergens are listed, however, I don’t see any information on fish or shellfish. The others are there, wheat/gluten, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy and egg. There’s a nice easy side bar on the news page with breaking news which includes food recalls and you can see some of the big non-profits that focus on food allergies on this page and their links.

You can search products, from beverages to cereals to condiments to soups and not only find out about them, but also order them directly from this site. Under each on on the product page, is a list of the allergens it is free from. For instance, when I clicked on cereals, over a dozen types popped up  and I could easily skim down the list to see which ones were tree nut free. I noticed less than I would think that said tree nut free, so when I searched ingredients, I saw that some that didn’t contain nuts were manufactured on shared equipment, therefore not listed as “free.” The candy selection is a bit disappointing with only a few flavors of licorice and gum available (you’ll have to go somewhere else for your chocolate!).

A portion of their profits goes to a few of the big non-profits helping food allergies: “ was created to help children and adults with food allergies and food intolerance issues. We are dedicated to providing great tasting alternatives for food related ailments. In addition to this passion for providing an easy and positive shopping experience with our online store, we are also committed to helping those organizations to ‘fight the good fight’ for our customers.”

The recipe section is small, but the site is new and growing and the available recipes do look delicious (especially that crab and avocado dip which is wheat, gluten, peanut, tree nut, egg, soy sesame and corn free – yum! The blog section “tasty tidbits” has good informative pieces on subjects ranging from research , labels, and anaphylaxis to product reviews, Celiac disease and food safety in schools.

Best of luck to you,, you’re off to a great start!

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