Ice Cream Fair with a Nut Allergy and Some Lactose Intolerant

Over the weekend we went to a community event which was raising money for a home to shelter and provide support for those in need. The event was an ice cream crank – very Americana with the church tents and older generation making their peach and strawberry ice cream, ice cream eating contests and mayor walking around in his bow tie, but with some 2009 sprinkled in it as well as other groups served up flavors like Vegan Mango Sticky Rice or Avocado Surprise on chips. 

Of course, there were plenty of nutty flavors we had to steer clear of – we went by one table that not only had butter pecan and chocolate walnut, but also macadamia nut white chocolate chip. Needless to say, none of us tried that group’s flavors. But my daughter tried plenty of flavors, including cinnamon cream, watermelon cucumber sorbet, banana pudding and of course, chocolate. She had no allergy symptoms, no need to fear anything. If we weren’t sure, we asked, if it was nutty, she passed.

We ran into a family there we are friends with and while one of their three children had ice cream covering her shirt and face, the youngest had to only eat the snow cones and the cookie that could be found here and there – he’s lactose intolerant. But still having a great time at the ice cream festival! Actually there were two or three vegan  ice creams there (including the mango sticky rice), I’m not sure if they came across those or not. Either way, he was thoroughly enjoying his two year old self.

It was quite a fun afternoon, even in between rain showers on that day. I’m glad we went, despite the fact that we knew there would be plenty of tree nuts there. Maybe she didn’t get to eat every flavor that caught her eye, but my daughter had plenty! And I’m glad the ice cream didn’t deter my lactose intolerant friends; they seemed to be having a wonderful afternoon, too. Just walking around was fun and I probably could have done without the ice cream I ate and still had a great time!

The bottom line, it’s all about going Beyond Your Allergy, there’s more to life than being afraid of your allergy. Be prepared, be safe, be cautious, but never the less go beyond allergy.

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