Ice Cream Festival

This past Sunday, we spent the afternoon at an ice cream festival. There were probably over 100 different flavors of homemade ice cream, all proceeds benefitting a local charitable organization. One ticket got you all the ice cream you wanted.

Many of the flavors, you can guess, included nuts. Lots of almonds – coconut almond, almond joy, chocolate almond, almond chip, and many of the other nuts – butter pecan, carrot cake with walnuts, praline…, and of course, peanuts – peanut butter cup in many forms.

I kept watch over my daughter’s choices and she did fine that day, not an itch in her mouth at all. I think either she has grown out of her allergy, or else the NAET has really worked, or else she is just really being careful (we’ve taught her well). A friend of ours was there, too, a twelve year old boy with a peanut allergy. I forgot he had that allergy until I overheard him asking one of the ice cream makers if there were any peanuts in the ice cream.

I was very proud of him, and his parents. He was taking responsibility and at the same time, they were letting him. He was with a buddy, not his mom or dad, and having a great time. He was being careful and stayed safe; they’ve clearly taught him well, too.

I did notice that all the ice cream was well marked, and the way in which it was done was you were given a small cup and spoon with your ticket to reuse. Each stand mostly had one, two, maybe three flavors and for the most part, they had one person per flavor to scoop and one spoon per flavor. However, there was one stand I noticed that had probably close to a dozen flavors. Just as the thought of cross contamination crossed my mind, I heard two teenagers say they didn’t want to try those flavors because they scooped all the flavors with the same spoon.

Well it was really two spoons, as two people were handling that stand. But, I agree with them, each flavor should have had its own scoop. Not only were the flavors mingling as they melted off the spoon into each other, but some of the flavors had nuts, and those were getting into the nut free flavors. Needless to say, we stayed away from that stand, too.

Besides that, it was a great afternoon, full of ice cream and debates on which was the best, and the fact that there were no reactions, made it even better.

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