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I usually take some time to browse around and see what other good blog sites there are related to allergies. I like this one I recently found – “ is the internet’s fastest-growing peanut allergy community. Our goal is to bring people together around nut allergy issues by providing concise, up-to-date information and a meeting place for concerned parents and others with nut allergy concerns. is categorized, searchable and accessible.. with easy-to-understand fundamentals and (to) empower you to dive deeper with links to in-depth resources.”

It’s full of different kinds of information, including forums, blogs and ask a question. There’s even a peanut allergy support form for “for individuals, friends and families who are looking to connect, get information and get support for peanut allergy.” You can find discussions pertaining to a plethora of different topics here, including airline travel, school, restaurants, stories of allergic reactions and peanut allergy in the media.

A directory is included where peanut free and nut free foods are listed, including bakeries, restaurants and other helpful products.

The site provides an “Understand” section, where you can find information on what is a peanut allergy, causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatments, plus more.

On the question section, you can pose your own question in any of the following categories – general peanut allergy, foods, schools, travel prevention or other food allergies. Some sample questions are:

My boyfriend is extremely allergic to peanuts. I accidentally ate some Chex Mix today which used peanut flower and peanut ingredients.How long do I have to wait before the peanut ingredients have left my system?

What is an exceptable way to approach the school principle (for the 3rd time) to advocate for my son’s severe peanut allergy? I don’t feel the school prioritizes food allergies or even nutrition in general! Help! How can I encourage change?

My son was just diagnosed with ‘severe’ peanut allergies through a blood test (level 6) – however, he eats food cooked in peanut oil with no adverse reaction – how is this possible?

To answer questions, you can register on site. What’s nice is you can build relationships and it’s good to have this kindof support community when you are dealing iwth a food allergy. You can also gain different perspectives and draw your own conclusions based on the feedback you get. Give the site a look…

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