International Travel with Allergies

By Heather Legg

We are planning a European trip within the next few months, and are extremely excited. My good friends have been there for a few months and we are excited to see them and have our own personal European tour. I’m not worried about time changes or transportation or currency exchange, all of that is part of the fun of international travel. The only thing that worries me, is, you guessed it, allergies.

If you are a regular reader, you may know my oldest daughter has an allergy to tree nuts. I wouldn’t call it severe, she doesn’t make frequent hospital visits and has never shown signs of anaphylaxis, she hasn’t even had symptoms for years. She’s been through NAET successfully, I believe, but the allergy fear lingers. She loves to eat, too, and tree nuts rank pretty high on the dessert cart and the chocolate shoppe.

Luckily, my friend is fluent and we will be with her all of the time, so she can double check things for nuts for us. I also am going to order one of the translation cards (I may even do that today). You can find them on and they are wallet sized to help with foreign language translation of food allergies. You can order in the specific language you need and specify the food allergy or other health condition that pertains to you. Some of the languages are Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and you can special order others, like Flemish, Romanian, Arabic and more. Beyond the big eight allergies, there are close to 50 allergies you can specify, including specific nuts, codfish, MSG and tomatoes. Not only are food allergies listed, you can also purchase cards stating your insect or penicillin allergies, plus more, as well as asthma conditions, vegetarian diets and gluten free needs.

An example of a card is one with a picture on one side (let’s use nuts) featuring tree nuts and/or peanuts and on the other side is a simple list of nuts translated into one language. Another type of card lists a single food and the translation of “I am allergic to…” and “Does this food contain…” on one side with the picture on the other. You can choose the “strongly worded card,” multi language or multi food allergy card.

I think these are a great idea, easy and affordable. The cards vary in price from about $8.50 to $15 depending on the card (not sure about special order cards) and are laminated so they will last. Check out the site if you are traveling internationally. I’m off to order.

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