Kids Growing Up With Food Allergies

My daughter’s fifth grade class is fortunate enough to take a 3 day 2 night trip to the coast to study natural habitats. I have begun filling out the paperwork and…oh my!

Though I’ve written plenty about and thought about it a lot – here – it is. Her first real overnight away from home, not at a friend’s house. Who is really going to watch her and make sure she stays away from foods she should?

I had to fill out medical forms and allergy forms. Are there any allergies? Describe their severity. With food allergies, please describe and list foods she cannot have. Medications? Dosages?

So many questions…

But here it is – it’s real life. She is old enough to know to ask if she’s not sure, or simply stay away. She’s responsible enough not to tempt fate by eating something unknown or nutty looking, as we say. Fortunately, her allergy is not severe and hopefully outgrown, or eliminated through NAET. We’re hopeful but not sure as she’s been through the treatment and had no reactions in over 4 years. But she’s also refrained from eating nuts.

We still ask when we’re not sure and I still let her teachers know. And yes, her teachers will be with her, as well as several parents and the place where they are going has medical staff. I’ve checked it all out. There’s a whole handful of kids with one type of allergy or another. But they’re fifth graders, not preschoolers. It’s time to let them grow up a little.

I know a few parents who won’t let their children go on this trip if the parents themselves can’t go, allergies or no allergies. Of course, that is their choice and I completely respect that choice. Myself, I feel it’s a safe atmosphere and I’ll let my daughter go. Even though filling out those forms made me a bit nervous as she’ll be out of my hands, it also made me know she’d be safe as they are looking ahead to “in case of emergency.”

It’s time to let them grow up a little, and much of it’s baby steps. This one’s just a little bit bigger of a step!

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