Peanuts and Baseball Games

Summer is here and so is baseball, a great American pastime. When we have been at baseball games since I have discovered allergies, I often wonder what families with peanut allergies do. The stands are usually covered with peanut shells and we all know peanuts are one of those snacks that just go with baseball. But for those with severe peanut allergies, it could be as dangerous as crossing a busy street blindfolded.

Obviously, I’m not the only person thinking this. More and more often, peanut free nights  are offered at ball parks as well as peanut free seating areas. The parks also take precautions in preparations, and some of the things that may be done beforehand are power wash the seating sections, have trained emergency responders available, remove peanut items from vendors from the sections, post NO Peanut Zone signs, and have staff on hand to make sure visitors comply with restrictions. Sometimes tickets need to be purchased through the group sponsoring the event, so make sure you look into how to get tickets if you find a game in your area.

Remember, though, sometimes if it is a peanut free night, and the park does not have restrictions on food brought in, some peanuts may make their way into the park, or food with peanuts in it. However, this isn’t really as bad as peanuts showering the entire park.

Whether it is minor or major leagues, more and more parks are taking this into consideration. I even came across a blog devoted to this. Check it out at where there is a listing of peanut free and allergy friendly baseball games and events nation wide and in Canada. Most seem to offer peanut free sections rather than a complete peanut free stadium, but sometimes you need to take what you can get!

Not only are these games great ways for those with peanut allergies to get to a worry free baseball game, but it also really helps in spreading awareness of food allergies. it is nice that those with severe allergies can have the opportunity to enjoy a game or two!

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