Rachael Ray Addresses Allergies

I subscribe to Rachael Ray’s magazine and was pleased that in this month’s issue, she has an allergy sidebar.

Sure, it’s not a whole spread on allergy free cooking, but throughout her magazine, she has an alternatives, whether they are meatless or cost effective or something else, and in this “Family Matters” section she has her “Yum-o Tips of the Month” focused on allergies – and some good ideas on that.

For instance, she suggests using your own mix of spices for tacos instead of the packaged mixes to avoid gluten and/or soy. I tend to this anyway as the packaged mixes not only have possible gluten and soy but usually MSG and high levels of sodium, plus all those things I can’t say the name of. Rachael suggests cumin, garlic and chili powder and the use of corn tortillas instead of flour.

Another good suggestion is in pancakes use mashed bananas instead of eggs if there is an egg allergy. Be careful with packaged mixes, they may have dried egg proteins in them. She also gives the idea of coconut instead of cow’s milk for a “tropical twist” in pancakes. Mmmm, top with pineapple and a bit of shredded coconut, she may be onto something!

There’s always a way to find a substitute to enjoy the food you want, well, usually a way. Sometimes it just takes a little creative. I’v heard of substituting the oil in baked goods with bananas, yogurt or applesauce to save on fat and calories, but didn’t know you could do the same for eggs. Be careful with substitutes, and make sure you are covering all the allergens, especially if using mixes.

It’s always safer to use less ingredients – so I especially like her taco seasoning idea. This one, I’m not so sure about, as the dish seems really changed, but it may be worth a try – you just can’t really call it mac-n-cheese. Her idea is substituting pureed cauliflower or butternut squash in place of the cheese in mac and cheese…

For more recipes and ideas, check out the current issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray.

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