Teacher Letter

By Heather Legg

As promised, I’m including a sample letter that you can copy, edit, revise, do what you want with to help you communicate with your teacher about your child’s food allergy. I usually do something like this:

Dear Teacher (if you know his/her name, it’s always best to write it),

I am so excited that my child, Name, is in your class year this year; we are looking forward to a fantastic one! I know the beginning of the year can be hectic, but I need to let you know that Name has a food allergy. She is allergic to tree nuts and needs to avoid any contact with them.

In the past, her symptoms have been mild/moderate/severe (whatever applies to your child) and always need to be addressed immediately. Usually they begin with an itchy mouth and may progress to hives, nausea, or worse. Due to the nature of a food allergy, it’s hard to predict the severity of a reaction; the worst case scenario is severe anaphylaxis. That’s why it’s imperative that any symptom be taken seriously.

If she experiences any reaction, please let her go to the clinic immediately where her medicine and emergency plan is kept. Usually Benadryl takes care of it, but in a severe case, her Epipen would need to be used. Please call me or other emergency contact listed below immediately.

I’m sending in a bag of her favorite candy in the case that someone brings in a birthday treat or there is another food shared with he class that may have tree nuts in it. She cannot eat anything with tree nuts in it. If you are not sure, don’t let her have it; she is aware of her allergy and understands.

Please let any other teacher or staff member working with Name know about her allergy. You can copy and share this letter if that is easier for you. I have sent a copy to the administration, nurse and cafeteria.

I so appreciate your help throughout the year in this matter and will do whatever you need to help you. I know you have a busy day and a full class to attend to, but it means so much to our family to know that Name will be well taken care of this year! If you have any questions at all or need more information, I am happy to come in and meet with your or feel free to call me anytime.

Thanks so much for all you do,


Heather Legg
phone #’s
other emergency contact

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