Thumbs Up to Disney (Again)

We just returned from a magical Disney Cruise, what a nice fall reprieve. Besides excellent round the clock, round the ship service, everything was personalized just how you would expect. Well, more than you would expect, including allergy care.

When I made our reservation, the agent asked if we had any medical concerns. I mentioned my daughter’s tree nut allergy and she assured me it would be taken care of. The first night at dinner, the head waiter came to speak to us about her allergy and in front of us, he spoke to the other people who would be serving us. We discussed precautions and avoidance, what she could have and what she couldn’t. That first night he sent her over a nut free “Mickey Bar” on top of whatever else she had.

Each night, he would offer suggestions for her, and I almost worried about his feelings when my daughter chose something he had not hand picked for her! He definitely took special care of her.

It happens to be the month of my other daughter’s birthday, and of course, Disney would not let this slip by. The head waiter again spoke to me and offered to make a personal birthday cake for her. He also insisted on making a nut free dessert for daughter 1 so not only would she not feel left out, but she could safely partake in cake. My real birthday daughter’s cake came out beautifully (and contained no nuts) but to be safe, the staff prepared one with special precautions for her sister. It was just as beautiful and just as yummy. Again, over and beyond by Disney.

Yes, there were a lot of dishes on the menu that contained tree nuts, but plenty of options without. I never once worried that she would have a reaction, because I saw the care and knowledge that existed in that kitchen and staff. Not sure how other cruise lines handle food allergies, but I can’t speak highly enough of out Disney experience.

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