Valentine’s Day With Food Allergies Can Still Be Sweet

By Heather Legg

Valentine’s Day is that chocolate filled holiday that some of us love and some of us dread. I know there are those that dread it for other reasons, but I’m going to focus on the food aspect. It’s hard for those with food allergies, especially kids,  to stand by and watch all of the chocolates, nut and dairy filled, and the cookies, full of eggs and wheat, that surround the day. However, it doesn’t have to be something to dread and here are some ideas for your allergic sweetheart (who may very well be your child) that are just as good as those sweets.

• Try something relaxing. If Valentine’s Day is about love and pampering, maybe some gentle bath salts of bubble bath in a cute cosmetic case. Girls love this kind of stuff, not matter their age.
• A fun piece of jewelry. Again, girls of all ages love jewelry and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Make it a fun bracelet maybe pink or red or with a heart. Girls also love any kind of hair accessories, give her a headband or clips with hearts.
• A favorite movie is always good, and again, works for any age. You can snuggle in with your sweetheart to a romantic classic, or give the kids one of their favorites and make it a family Valentine’s night. They always love a movie from a book they’ve just finished.
• Speaking of books, there is usually a great selection of kids Valentine’s books in the bookstores right now. Picture books are favorites of children, and your grown up sweetheart (or child) may like a book of poetry, classic or modern.
• If food is still on your list, there are some good allergy free chocolates out there like or Or you can always try your hand at making your own.
• Bake some allergy free cookies or cakes using ingredients safe for your particular allergy needs. Decorate them together, then eat! There are some great recipes on our site or any others if you don’t have one already.
• Have fun valentine’s foods that don’t have anything to do with allergies – cut red bell peppers and strawberries into heart shapes, cut out heart shaped sandwiches or toss some red jeweled pomegranate seeds around the plate. Set the table with cut paper hearts and some candles, it can be just as special without all of the sweet things on it.

Remember the importance of the day, just showing someone, even yourself, a little extra attention, it’s not all about chocolate and cookies!

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