Where to Get Information

By Heather Legg

To finish up the school awareness series, I wanted to give some ideas on where to get some useful information. The first place to start would be your counselors and nurses. You may be surprised what is already in your school. They often are overwhelmed with material and just don’t have the time to focus on everything. They may be more than happy to have you take this on.

Your PTA may have good information, too, as previously mentioned. Your school library probably has some resources, too. Sometimes all the information is already there, it just needs someone to get it out.

Another good place to find information is FAAN at www.foodallergy.org. They have a lot of information for teaching and support, including lesson plans and presentations. They sponsor awareness weeks and it may be a good way to tie it into a school calendar. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America is another good place to find information, www. aafa.org. They have programs and online resources to help out in spreading awareness and information.

I also find one of the best ways to learn is to talk with people experiencing the same thing. Find out what they found that worked for them, how people reacted to their needs. What was instigated that did not work? This is where your support group will come in handy. Sometimes older kids who are willing to present and talk are great role models for younger children.

The bottom line is look to your community, it will be full of help. It is a big step to start an awareness program and something that any school could benefit from. The community has the resources, it may be up to you to find and use them. Use them as your allies. Remember, the schools want to keep all of the children safe, but with lack of time and people, they may just need your help. Once you’ve begun this program, you will see all the difference it will make. Best of luck!

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